Vendor Feature: Marshall Tents and Event Rental

August 3

NMWE: How did you become a part of this industry?     Marshalls: In the fall of 1984, Richard Marshall, alongside his wife, Gail Marshall, and brother, Timothy Marshall, began pitching tents and renting tables and chairs. Nearly 35 years [...]

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NMWE Team Part 4 of 4

June 18

This is part 4 of the NMWE Team Blog series. To read previous posts, you can find them here: #1 #2 #3 Headshots by Jess Jolin Photography Part 4 is all about my girl, Ellen. <3   In early March [...]

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NMWE Team Part 3 of 4

June 13

Photo by Jess Jolin Photography To read past posts about NMWE, #1 can be found here and #2 here.   In 2016, I worked with an incredible bride as the Day of Coordinator for her wedding. After her Seacoast Science [...]

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Wedding Day Surprise

June 1

Photo by April K Photography Five years ago today, Jenn and David were married at the groom's parents' home in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Their wedding was an all time favorite of mine! Not only because these two individuals are so incredible [...]

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NMWE Team Part 2 of 4

May 21

{This is the second part to a small blog series about the NMWE Team. If you haven't yet read Part 1, check that out first right here!} Photo by Jess Jolin Photography Moving forward from the first blog, I want to [...]

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Looking for Wedding Party Gifts?

May 14

For the fellas in your wedding party, we recently came across Groovy Guy Gifts which offers dozens of fun, creative gift options. Joe, from Groovy Guy's, sent us a beer growler with a personalized insulated cooler to keep the beer perfectly and [...]

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Vendor Feature – Espresso Dave’s Catering Service

April 13

NMWE: How did you become a part of this industry?   Espresso Dave's: As you know, I love a good espresso. In 1993, I was a sales rep for a line of espresso machines. Two of my restaurant clients asked [...]

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Who’s “We”?

April 11

Often when I am on the phone with a bride or groom inquiring with NMWE I am asked "You keep saying we... who's we"? This question has popped up often enough that I thought I could write a post about it [...]

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Vendor Feature – Brea McDonald Photography

April 6

NMWE: How did you become a part of this industry?   Brea: I studied fine art black and white photography while in college and after graduation I took a position doing all the dark room printing for a wedding and [...]

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Vendor Feature – The Maine Tinker, Siobhan

March 23

NMWE: How did you become a part of this industry?   The Maine Tinker: I have been officially photographing weddings since 2007. Prior to that I was introduced to film photography in high school and continued studying art & education [...]

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