Love Notes

I don't even know where to begin singing Nicole's praises. We chose a "partial planning package" with Nicole and immediately were grateful for all of the awesome resources she gave us right off the bat--from vendor recommendations to access to an easily-accessible-by-all-parties online system to keep us all on the same page to an early planning questionnaire to help us determine our vision. My husband and I said frequently throughout our entire planning process that we were not paying Nicole enough, her services were by far the best money we spent on wedding planning. She was our confidante, ally, cheerleader, and friend throughout the entire process. We were dealing with several food allergies (myself, the bride; 2 bridesmaids; and several family members), and she stepped right in to go above and beyond to speak with caterers directly after we had a bad experience at a tasting. She even looked into seeing if she herself could get an epipen to have on hand in case of emergencies! In the weeks leading up to the wedding, she could tell we were stressed by our families and frequently checked in just to give us a pep talk, even when we didn't need to discuss anything in particular. On the day of, we had a vendor no-show (a friend-of-a-friend, not one of Nicole's recommended vendors). In what could have been a very stressful few minutes before walking down the aisle, she came to us to tell us what was up and already offered a solution; because of her quick thinking and calm demeanor, our day went off without any of our guests even noticing anything had gone wrong and my husband and I were eternally grateful that we didn't have to deal with it. The biggest thing I can say Nicole gave us was peace of mind, which is absolutely invaluable on such a loaded-expectations day. It was the greatest gift to have someone leading the charge that day that we trusted completely. We got to just enjoy our day and really experience and be present in it because of Nicole.Christine - Maine Bride - June 2016

My wife and I could not have been more thrilled with Nicole. Planning a wedding is joyous, fun, and at times stressful. But Nicole made the entire process so easy. She is organized and efficient. She knows exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. But more importantly, Nicole is so supportive and caring. She knows how to help a couple prepare for an extremely important day, and I cannot imagine how we would have pulled it off without her guidance. In the end, our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. With Nicole's help, we were able to sit back and take it all in.
Andy - New Hampshire Groom - October 2015

Nicole Mower is amazing. She is an expert at what she does, takes care of every detail, never interferes but instead quietly ensures that the celebration goes off without a hitch. She is great at improvising, never loses her cool and keeps the bride from losing hers! And she is the most wonderful person to work with. Nicole was the wedding coordinator for my daughter's wedding last October and my son's wedding this October. The weddings were perfect -- but would not have been without Nicole. Wendy - Mother of the Groom - October 2015 

Nicole was FABULOUS! We were hesitant to hire a planner since we were trying to save money for our wedding, but she was worth every penny. Maybe the most value for the money we spent. We hired her since she was married at the same venue we were getting married at, and it is a very much do-it-yourself venue. We had done a lot of the work ourselves, hired catering, tent rentals, restroom trailer, desserts, music, decorations. She gutted our rental contract and saved us hundreds of dollars. She also took initiative to be the go-to contact for all of our vendors. Her planning and organization are greatly appreciated and she took great care of us. She did a run through of the ceremony at our rehearsal and was very patient with our disorganized family and goofy group of friends. Would HIGHLY recommend Nicole! And if you are in question of having a day of planner, we also say, go for it. It saves tons of stress, and even some money in the end. Thanks Nicole!Liza - Maine Bride - September 2015 

Five stars does not even do Nicole justice! I got engaged 7/30/14 and by late August one of my good friends had recommended Nicole. I immediately went home and called her. Not only did she call me right back but she saw my vision within our first phone call. To this day I still don't know my vision but Nicole totally made it all happen on my wedding day this past July 11th. She started asking me all these questions- what my colors were, what I liked, how I saw the day turning answers consisted of neutrals, I'm a pretty plain person and everyone having the time of their life. Planning a backyard/barn style wedding seemed like a great idea, I also have a full time job, two dogs, grad school and this guy I am trying to make my husband. Nicole to the rescue! She was so helpful during the partial package that we purchased. Nicole sent out monthly emails and was available through texts or anxiety driven phone calls whenever I needed her. When I was at a loss for decorations or ideas, Nicole was quick to respond with multiple ideas and how to make them happen. When I told her "I think I'm behind" or " I'm kind of freaking out" she was there to tell me to "get the ball rolling" or "your on track"! The day before the wedding finally came and I arrive on site to 100+ chairs stacked, tables folded everywhere -all different sizes and the dance floor is on the wrong spot a few stressful texts and 1 phone call later Nicole offered to come and help us. "Not a big deal she says" I thought, not a big deal? Nothing is going right, the world is endddding- like every bride (I think). Nicole came and within hours the piece of land looked like my dream wedding. Saturday comes, Nicole is up texting me early "eat breakfast, drink water, get ready to marry the man of your dreams!" The entire wedding went off without a hitch all thanks to her and my parents who graciously paid for the best day of my life. Nicole is so amazing, I would recommend her to absolutely anyone! Katelyn - New Hampshire Bride - July 2015 

This review is written by a mother of the bride (who was very stressed). We hired Nicole almost a year before the wedding as a part time planner (Partial Planning Package). She was invaluable, supplying us with monthly to do lists, promptly answering all questions and not hesitating to give us her expert opinion on everything. She recommended several vendors that we did use and were not disappointed. The day before the wedding she willing showed up at the venue to assist a confused bride to be and help us set up for the big day. We could not have had the magical experience on the day of had it not been for Nicole. She seemed to be everywhere, meeting all our needs and even handling some unruly guests without us even being aware. She saw my daughter's vision and successfully carried out her dream wedding. I can't thank her enough for supplying us with beautiful memories for many years to come!
Stacey - Mother of Bride - July 2015

Nicole,Our day could not have been more perfect! I am so glad we had the ceremony outside too. I even liked the ceremony in the light rain. I am so thankful to everybody moving the ceremony like that, it meant so much to us living our vision. Our vendors were all amazing!! The photographers (Garone Photography) were so much fun to work with and could not be more talented. Beth (Foster's Clambake) was so sweet, the food was delicious, and they were so attentive to our guests. Kibar (A Main Event) was on fire all night, our guests loved him! Dev and I absolutely loved the cupcakes (Simply Elegant Cakes), and were given exactly what we wanted. We could not have done this without you! The whole process was daunting and scary until you started helping us, you calmed everything down. You think of everything, give the best advice, and are so thoughtful! We are so lucky to have found you and will be passing your name along to any of our friends who get engaged. Once again thank you very much for bringing our vision to life, you made us the happiest newlyweds in the worldxoxoCaroline + Devin - New Hampshire Bride + Groom - July 2015 

Nicole was truly a wedding warrior woman who I definitely needed by my side. As a younger couple, we had a strict budget and really wanted to keep our wedding true to ourselves. We wanted to do a lot on our own but couldn't have pulled anything off without her. Nicole met us for drinks and we felt a connection with her right away. She was warm, friendly and had lots of energy. She didn't scoff at our thoughts, or make us feel stupid for asking all the questions we did. She kept in touch with us constantly before our wedding and answered all of my questions and concerns with patience and positivity. The day of my wedding, Nicole kept things running smoothly and expertly led one activity into the next with ease and zero bumps. She was authoritative but not rude and our wedding party was grateful for the direction. I would recommend Nicole to anyone with a 5 star report and nothing but glowing praise. She should be a role model for the wedding industry and truly represents someone who will care to make your day extra special and perfect.
Emily - New Hampshire Bride - May 2015
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Nicole was an absolute godsend, and really one of our best investments. We wanted a day-of wedding coordinator not only because our venue in New Castle, NH, was its first wedding, but because we wanted peace of mind for the day-of with minimal worries...and we got just that. Nicole is a seasoned expert when it comes to unique and challenging wedding venues, and she has worked with many tented seacoast weddings, which made her perfect for us!
It was way too windy the day of our wedding to keep the siding off our tent for the stunning views of the ocean, so windy that the linens wouldn't stay on the table. But Nicole made sure she had the tent company come down again to put the siding around the entire perimeter of the tent so that ourselves and our guests could enjoy themselves, and all within hours of our event!
She went the extra mile to ensure that everything was perfect down to the last detail. Even though I was happy to be a DIY bride, she made sure we remembered a lot of small detail items that would have been too important to miss. She even sent me a good morning text the day-of reminding me to drink some water and eat snacks even if I wasn't feeling hungry! I would recommend Nicole to any bride, anywhere, anytime.
Erika - Seacoast New Hampshire Bride - September 2014

I don't know what we would have done without Nicole! Our wedding was at a very unique location and was very large and required lots and lots of setup. Nicole put us at such ease throughout the entire process and worked extremely well with all of our vendors. She was very responsive and such a hard worker, I didn't have to do anything on our wedding day. Probably the best money we spent on our wedding day!
Jennifer - New Hampshire Bride - September 2014

Hi Nicole!

I hope you are having a great week. Just FYI--I posted the below review to WeddingWire today.  It was hard to put into words just how amazing you are. I could have kept writing & writing, but the WeddingWire form stopped me 🙂 Our wedding day was truly fantastic-- & so were you. So, thank you again!!
"Nicole and her team were simply fantastic. Hiring her was one of the BEST decisions we made when planning our backyard wedding.  Even before our contract was signed with Nicole, she was super helpful and responsive, answering questions and providing advice above and beyond the call of duty. Nicole helped answer questions for us ranging all the way from basic wedding etiquette to the littlest design details. We are lucky we booked Nicole so early--she is in high demand.
When we met for our pre-event sit down, Nicole was eager to hear all of our plans and ideas and was extremely organized. We walked through all our plans, step by step. We had no doubt that Nicole would be able to coordinate our wedding day just as we envisioned. She provided us with a super detailed schedule for our entire wedding weekend, which showed every single item, note and direction--knowing that she had all of those details, we were able to completely relaxed on our wedding day.
On the day of, Nicole and her team were "machines," as my dad called them. 100% on the ball, with everything under control. They arrived right on time and set up our tent and "event space" just as we had described--it could not have been more perfect. The rest of our wedding was just a dream come true--not without a few hiccups, which Nicole and her team handled with ease. We got a little behind schedule on dinner, but Nicole quickly devised a plan to get us back on track, to be able to open the dance floor and get the party started. The best part though, was that our guests had no idea! Nicole handled the entire day flawlessly with seamless transitions from dinner to dancing.
Apart from her role as our Coordinator, Nicole is just an all around lovely person--super friendly, fun and nice to be around--which is exactly what you should look for in someone who you are trusting your wedding day to. Thank you Nicole!! xoxo"
Brenna - New Hampshire Bride - August 2014


Just wanted to say a quick thank you once again for all of the work you did to make Hannah & Alex's wedding such a special and seamless event.  Neither David (Father of Bride) nor Alex (Groom) were convinced at the outset that your services would be necessary, but they have since both conceded that it would have been a near disaster without your help.
Hannah and Alex are getting set to jet off to Europe for the next 4 weeks (leaving this evening), but once David and I have had the opportunity to fully recover from the weekend, we will be more than happy to compose a raving review regarding your performance.  Until then, please feel free to use us as a reference for any future clients as neither one of us can think of a bad thing to say!
Keep well and thanks again.  Give your new pup a big hug for me!
Cyndie Ketcham - New Hampshire Mother of Bride - May 2014

Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for all of the work you did for our wedding. You have been with us since Day 1 and we owe you everything for such a beautiful wedding. All guests were very impressed with your professionalism and hard work. You even swept up a broken wine glass on our dance floor which was very appreciated when all the girls were barefoot! You were there for us and advocated for us when it was needed. There were hiccups along the way with vendors, but you handled all situations with ease and without us having to worry. We were able to enjoy every minute of our wedding day because we didn't have to set-up or clean. We simply can not thank you enough.
Evan & Angela - Maine Bride & Groom - October 2013

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Maine and our wedding was perfect in every way! Everyone wants a wedding planner when they get married now! You're the best!
Angela - Maine Bride - October 2013

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!  We are beyond thrilled how wonderful the wedding turned out and how stress-free you made the day for us! 
Chloe - New Hampshire Bride - September 2013

Hi Nicole,
Thank you so very much for making our special day so great. You're so great to work with. Thank you for your time, recommendations, thoughtfulness, and organization!  You were always so pleasant to speak to and took time to make sure all details were taken care of. We would highly recommend you to others for wedding consultant, advisor, and planner.  You do a wonderful job!  We greatly appreciate ALL you did!  We had a great day! =)
Jen & Ray - Seacoast New Hampshire Bride & Groom - August 2013

Hey Nicole!!
Thank YOU for all your help with our perfect day!! We couldn't have asked for anything more and we wouldn't have changed a thing. It was absolutely perfect for us. Everyone had a great time... now that we're home from Jamaica we're hearing all the stories through the "grapevine" and the wedding is just getting more and more character and more and more memorable! So much fun, such a wonderful day... 
Thanks again Nicole, for everything...I'll definitely be recommending you!!
Andrea - New Hampshire Bride - July 2013

Hi Nicole,
I just want to thank you for all you help on Saturday. Everything went perfectly and we have you to than for it. The weather really corporate and of course, the site was beyond description.
Thank you!
Maryruth - Maine Mother of the Bride - June 2013

Wedding Day Coordination Referral from a past bride to a future bride:
     Nicole was our coordinator for our wedding this past June.  We rented a home in Alton bay, NH and had the ceremony and a tented reception there.  We had no idea how much actual work went into not only planning, but coordinating a wedding.
     Had we not had Nicole, we would have forgotten about so many small, but really important details! We met with her and she sat us down for a little over an hour to get us organized and go over everything we needed to do, plan, and put together.

I am typically a fairly organized person, but Nicole took everything to the next level. She managed all of our vendors and kept every single detail in line for us. Our wedding went off without a single hitch (that I'm aware of anyway!)
Having her there was incredibly invaluable and I can't imagine what it would have been like without her!
She is very experienced and has coordinated so many weddings, she know and understands exactly what needs to be done.  She had excellent communication skills and certainly kept me on track during the entire planning process.
She would be a great hire.  I have no complaints, and can't think of a single thing I wish was done differently. Hope your wedding planning process goes well!
Jill - New Hampshire Bride - June 2013

Nicole was incredible -- organized and on top of every detail but also relaxed and low stress, which was perfect for me.  My only regret is that I didn't hire Nicole to be my wedding planner for the entire wedding planning process (I hired her for help the day of the wedding).  Even still, she went way above and beyond in every way, even texting me on the wedding day to remind me to hydrate and make sure I had something to eat.  She also celebrated (also by text) when the sun began to emerge just hours before our ceremony was scheduled to begin.  I truly don't know what we would have done without her.  In fact, I wish I could hire her to help manage my life after the wedding! =)
Heather - Maine Bride - June 2013

Nicole did an amazing job managing the logistic of our wedding day.  She was extremely organized and professional, and even reminded Heather and I ahead of time of wedding logistics we had not even considered.  On the day of our wedding she took care of all of our vendor logistics allowing Heather and I to enjoy our special day without worrying about what detail needed attention.  She anticipated potential needs and had contingency plans in place.  While Nicole was busy taking care of all the logistics, she always found time to make sure the wedding party had drinks, food, and everything else we needed.  And Nicole is a lovely, considerate person to deal with.  We had an outdoor wedding and I asked Nicole, seconds before the wedding, whether the groomsmen and I should take off our sunglasses.  Her suggestion that we not wear sunglasses was a good decision in hindsight and she was calm and considerate in helping us whenever we had questions throughout the day.  I honestly don't know how we would have pulled off our wedding without Nicole there.  It was our magical day, and working with Nicole allowed us to enjoy every minute of it.
David - Maine Groom - June 2013

It's so obvious you love what you do, because you do it so incredible well.  The amount of detail you provided to our special day was way above and beyond what we ever could have imagined.  We felt so much more comfortable knowing you were there for us.  Our friends and family were all very impressed with how smoothly everything went.  We certainly attribute that to all of your help.  We can not express how grateful we are to you! Thank you so much!
Jill & Jeff - New Hampshire Bride & Groom - June 2013 - Alton Bay, NH

Hi Nicole,
What a great celebration! Even though there were some challenges, you did an incredible job keeping is all together! Thanks so much for all your help, it was a pleasure working with you.
Jim Greene of Boston Wedding Films - June 2013
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Good Morning!
David and I are loving newlywed life and we are off to our Mini-moon in a couple weeks. I wanted to thank you again for everything you did on our big day. I know that between the heat and certain vendors not arriving on time, it was a very challenging day. You are very professional and I know for a fact that the wedding would not have gone as smoothly if we did not have you there coordinating all the vendors and staff. I knew if I needed anything you were there for me and David and you just put our nerves at ease. Paloma's surprise was unbelievable and I cannot believe you kept that so secret! It would not have been the same without her there. Thank you again and I will definitely be referring my friends to you when they get engaged!!
Keep in touch!!
Jenn - Seacoast Massachusetts Bride - June 2013
**check out the surprise that she referenced here!**

Hi Nicole,
I just want to thank you for all your help on Saturday.  Everything went perfectly and we have you to thank for it.  The weather really cooperated and of course, the site was beyond description!  
- Mother of Bride - June 2013

Nicole was so laid back, easy to work with, and she worked within our budget.  She took everything in stride (the rain, the delayed start, the missing silverware, the overly-supplied pot luck food, etc.) and was an integral and necessary part of our day.  We had never intended to have a day-of coordinator, but in the end were really glad we decided to go with Nicole. I don't think a wedding day ever runs perfectly smoothly, but our day certainly fared much better with her there than if she hadn't been! =)
Thank you Nicole!
Meredith - Bride - October 2012 (review from WeddingWire)

     I've been meaning to write even sooner to say thank you so much for all your help on our wedding day!  Everything fell into place perfectly!  Kir and I really appreciate all your hard work, from helping me think things through during the planning stages to running around at our reception.  The tent and reception details looked gorgeous when we arrived!  I saw you hustling around with presents at a few points and I know you were working hard to keep everything flowing smoothly.  I hope you had a few moments to eat some food and dessert and hopefully enjoy a beer as it all winded down.  Thanks again!
xo Elyse - Bride - August 2012

We want to thank you for the beautiful work you did yesterday! The tent was decorated perfectly and we could not have been happier! We lucked out with the weather and every other detail made the day wonderful.  It was nice working with you and I would be happy to be a reference for you if you need one with future clients!
Thanks again!
Angel & Al - Maine Bride and Groom - August 2012

Nicole's work is beautiful.  Her attention to detail and absolutely wonderful personality make her fantastic to work with.  She has the confidence to share what she knows, and to find answers to what she doesn't know.  She would be an asset to any wedding or event!
Melissa of Melissa Koren Photography