Hidden Pond Wedding in Kennebunkport Maine

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Jill and Doug hired us back in August of 2019 for their June 2020 wedding at Hidden Pond. During the traditional planning period, we worked together to secure an incredible vendor team and create a unique and beautiful design that we were all excited about!




In March of 2020, while we were finalizing day of stationery details + timeline logistics with vendors, the pandemic hit and was on our radar. When we realized this wouldn’t be gone by June, we made the difficult decision to postpone to August 2020 which meant we needed to redo the floor plan (new tent since the original wasn’t in stock), work with the vendor team to ensure their availability, and update rentals + florals since we had a new floor plan.

Wedding Party at Hidden Pond

Just a few short months later it became obvious that August 2020 wasn’t going to be conducive to the event J+D had been dreaming about.

We went back to the drawing board. Creating a google sheet to send to all vendors which listed dates so they could check off their availability (it was super important to all of us to keep their vendor team as intact as possible) + when it seemed as though the venue was not going to be available for a 2021 date, I began researching different locations and creative ways to execute the vision + experience at a different location entirely.

Luckily it didn’t come to that. Hidden Pond had Friday, June 4th available and the vendor team updated their calendars, resent contracts, while I redesigned the floor plan, went back to our original tent + rental plan, and we all crossed our fingers this would be THE date.

However, two of my other 2020 weddings had already postponed to this exact same weekend.

I didn’t want to cause any further complications or stress for J+D so when we found out that the venue and all other vendors could make 6/4 work, I knew I would just have to figure it out for them.

Over the next year, we continued planning. Adding a few extra details to the day and updating the timeline to reflect a more “East Coast” timeline to create a celebratory atmosphere from the MOMENT guests stepped foot into the tent.

Because I had THREE weddings this weekend, Abby (our wedding coordinator who has been with me for years) became the lead and executed the day flawlessly with two other NMWE team members.

After working with J+D for 2 years and all the pandemic put us through, both professionally and personally, I was heartbroken that I wouldn’t be able to see her down the aisle and watch them get married.

Abby and I worked out a plan to FaceTime Jill before the ceremony so I could congratulate her and be there for a moment. However, I moved my schedule around so I could surprise J+D in person instead, leaving the setup for my other wedding in order to drive the hour up to Hidden Pond to surprise J+D while they were tucked away before their room reveal.

This was SO much fun and I was so, so happy to be able to hug Jill, be with them when they saw their vision come to life, and to watch them say their vows to one another after a very emotional two years of planning this wedding.

Wedding Planner and Bride Hugginh

It was a pretty emotional experience for me, as well, to have worked so hard on something for a couple I cared about deeply and to then NOT be on site to execute it.

When I arrived and walked through the tent, it was as if I was experiencing my own Room Reveal! 😂 I was, and still am, absolutely blown away with Abby and her ability to jump in, be a part of the coordination phase, and execute the vision while working side by side with our vendor team to create an incredible experience for J+D and their guests.

Bride and Groom Reaction

I am so thankful for her. Her attention to detail, her calm + cool demeanor under pressure, and her ability to understand my brain + ramblings. =)

This industry is only successful when we all pull together as a team, help each other succeed, and are open to constantly learning + growing.

So thankful for Abby, my NMWE team, and the entire vendor team that we had for Jill + Doug’s day. 💕