May 21, 2018

NMWE Team Part 2 of 4

{This is the second part to a small blog series about the NMWE Team. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, check that out first right here!}

Tented wedding in Maine
Photo by Jess Jolin Photography

Moving forward from the first blog, I want to talk about a turning point in my career. In 2015, a unicorn named Becca came to NMWE looking to gain event experience in order to pursue a career in events. Becca worked her whole first season with me as a Day of Assistant and it was immediately obvious to me that she was incredible. Patient, intuitive, handled stress well, and made decisions on the fly. She could calm peoples nerves and she was super professional and organized, all while having a good sense of humor. I started training her to take on her own Wedding Day Coordination packages (which begin 4-5 weeks prior to a wedding day) and the following season she had three of her own events. Soon after, Becca accepted a wonderful event position for a corporate company in Boston and is killing it! I miss her, of course, but am so happy to see her pursue her passion and the fact that I could, in some small way, help her advance her career means everything to me.


There was a huge turning point in the business during the season that Becca began taking her own weddings. I knew I wanted to continue to offer Wedding Day Coordination packages for couples who needed them however, I also wanted to focus on Full Planning and Design packages. Because I can only physically do one wedding a weekend (I’m typically on site for 12-15 hours for a Full Planning and Design Package), I decided I’d like to have someone else in charge of all Wedding Day Coordination Packages.


{To be continued in Part 3}

Photo by Jess Jolin Photography