June 13, 2018

NMWE Team Part 3 of 4

Evene Planner Business Cards
Photo by Jess Jolin Photography

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In 2016, I worked with an incredible bride as the Day of Coordinator for her wedding. After her Seacoast Science Center wedding, she reached out to express her interest in the business. I brought Christa on immediately to assist with weddings and began training her to one day take her own.

Christa has been an amazing Coordinator to have as part of the NMWE team. She is super patient, incredibly hard working, and extremely caring to everyone she meets. When you first meet her, you can feel that she has your best interests at heart, and that feeling is exactly what every bride and groom should experience on their wedding day.

During that time a second assistant, Alanna, was also brought onto the NMWE team as a Day of Assistant helping with setup, handling unexpected challenges, assisting with coordination of the ceremony and other wedding day formalities and overall being a second set of eyes, ears, and hands for me. Alanna joined NMWE wondering which direction her future would take her regarding her creative passions, and I’m excited to say that she has recently launched her own business – Alanna Hogan Photography. I’m looking forward to watching her pursue her passions and continuing to work with her in the wedding industry in a different capacity.

All photos in this blog by Jess Jolin Photography