April 11, 2018

Who’s “We”?

Often when I am on the phone with a bride or groom inquiring with NMWE I am asked “You keep saying we… who’s we“? This question has popped up often enough that I thought I could write a post about it in case you were interested in learning about the NMWE team.



To me, it seems obvious that I couldn’t do all of these incredible events without the hard work of the NMWE ladies but I guess because our business name is my name, people often assume I am the only person behind the scenes. While this was true the first year of my business, I very quickly realized that in order to serve my couples well, I needed help on their wedding day. I began bringing on Day of Assistants pretty quickly and would have 1-3 assistants on site at each wedding. Some assistants didn’t realize how much physical labor, stress, and actual hard work go into a wedding day so they worked one or two weddings before fizzling out. It was more than a little challenging finding the right fit.



Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing with you who has helped me shape NMWE to what it is today as well as share some information of a few of the ladies who are behind the scenes!

Photo by Mackler Studio