March 23, 2018

Vendor Feature – The Maine Tinker, Siobhan

How did you become a part of this industry?


The Maine Tinker:
I have been officially photographing weddings since 2007. Prior to that I was introduced to film photography in high school and continued studying art & education in college at USM with a high personal focus on photography. In college family friends started asking me to photograph their wedding & special family moments. My first wedding was in 2005 and from there, I officially launched my business.

What keeps you passionate and motivated?


Family. Handsdown. My family keeps me motivated. I gather inspiration from my children, husband, parents, grandparents, aunts , uncles, cousins etc. I love them and have always been interested in my family story. With that I know how important relationships are in people’s lives, and I love capturing the relationship between people.

Maine Tinker Family
Photograph by Summer Murdock Photography

What are your desired types of couples?


You believe in love… head over heals about the love you both share.

You believe your marriage is the most important part of your wedding day.

You believe in adventure and kindness to others.

You are fun and not afraid to laugh out loud.

You love to dance and run out on the dance floor when your jam comes on.

You are creative and cherish photographs: especially the ones hanging on your mothers staircase. Those photos shows your family over the years, and provide a beautiful visual platform for storytelling.

What sets you apart? What is your most valued feature about your business?


I often get asked this question, “Why the Tinker?”. My grandfather called me his little tinker, a reference to travelers in Ireland known for fixing things and selling their arts and crafts. Often Tinker live in caravans (campers/ trailers) My business first started off with jewelry making and photography. I  gather creativity and inspiration from the couples and families I work with. I truly focus on the family and their personalities and brainstorm the best way to approach their wedding/ family photoshoot/ gathering while staying true to my art form.  I love bright colors, green fields, colorful flowers, blue skies and warmth from the sun. I truly put my heart into every family moment I capture because I strongly feel photographs are not only for the present moment but more for future moments for loved ones to look at and reflect and remember for years to come. Photos tell your family’s story and it is an amazing feeling to tell that story through my lens.


From candid moments of children laughing out loud, to romantically posed photos showing the love a couple feels on their wedding day, I believe there should be a balance of comfortably posed portraits and candid photographs to give you a documentary story of your milestone.  I get the amazing opportunity to capture my vision for you to cherish for years to come. I enjoy creating a images that reflect distinct personality. I love to focus on the small details of each celebration/ moment, along with the grand details. I capture the moments, details and expressions of love between people.


We also own The Maine Photo Camper which is super fun addition to your special event (wedding, birthday party, anniversary, graduation party, business event, etc. ) We have a fleet of vintage campers that you can choose from to add that extra photo experience to your day. Who doesn’t love a photo booth ?!?!  Our campers are celebrating their 5th season and you can see us towing them around New England. We believe that a photo booth experience should be one of a kind and memorable. We have unique prop sets from antique phones, vintage cameras, “sailor theme”, “nautical theme”, a“Maine” theme, plus much, much more. As always everything is customizable. We love hunting for the perfect props for your special event.

Do you have a past favorite wedding? If yes, why is it your favorite?


I love every wedding honestly! BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with NMWE. 

What is your best piece of advice or tip for couples planning a wedding?


Research, ask for professional help, take your time, get to know your vendors, follow your heart and most of all have fun!

Maine Tinker