December 14, 2015

You’re Engaged!! Now What?

Top 3 Things to Focus on After You Say “YES!”


If you’re reading this, you’re probably engaged (or planning on being engaged soon). So first off, congratulations! Becoming engaged to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a HUGE deal! You’ve probably read a few blogs about planning your wedding, maybe bought a magazine or two (Seacoast Weddings, anyone?) however I want you to take a minute, and read through this quick bit about what your next steps should be.


#1) Stop. 

Just stop all of it. Stop the googling, stop the pinteresting, stop the search.

Not what you were expecting to read? Maybe not, but it’s true. I know all the other blogs are telling you to “Figure out your budget”, “Start a guest list”, “Hire a wedding planner”, blah, blah, blah. What I’m telling you is tell you to take a breath, look at that beautiful sparkler on your finger, and think of the person who gave you it and what that ring means.

Enjoy this moment. Enjoy the excitement in the air, the congratulations and love from family and friends, the endless possibilities. You’re engaged to be MARRIED and to commit your life to someone and that, my friend, is pretty special.


#2) Dream.

Chat with your fiancé (sure, we can say that again, fiance!), about how you want to celebrate. Are you two imagining taking a trip with your closest loved ones far away? Would you like to “Eat, Drink, and Marry” at one of the newest wedding venues in town? Are you looking forward to having a personal and unique celebration by having your wedding at a private residence?

Now is the time to think about all of the ways you’d like to celebrate! What are you two envisioning? Think outside the box. There are no rules.


#3) Plan.

Now comes the fun part (at least, I think so) – making your dreams a reality. At this point you have soaked in the love, started conversations about your visions, and probably have a good sense of what makes you two happy.

In order to implement this plan, yes, you do need a budget. Yes, you do need a guest list. Yes, you do need a talented team of vendors you can rely on. There are many different ways to navigate this planning process. Just remember to not get lost. Stay true to you, remember why you’re planning this event, and keep the excitement, energy, and love at the forefront of this process.

Photo by Jess Jolin
Photos by Jess Jolin

Happy planning!